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1 G Cartz (Premium Distillate)


COTTON CANDY KUSH EARLY VERSION is one of our most perfect and ambitious indica. Tasty and sensory, this strain combines the sugary sweetness of CANDY and the softness of cotton candy. COTTON CANDY KUSH (DS19) maximizes the organoleptic properties of the best cannabis. Now in its early version, in addition to all these features, it offers you the opportunity to celebrate life by enjoying this hybrid Gourmet.

COTTON CANDY KUSH EV, is obtained as a result of crossing one of the South African genetics strains with the greatest potential for cultivation, the POWER PLANT, with one of our best mothers, LAVENDER (SUPER SKUNK - BIG SKUNK KOREAN - AFGHANI-HAWAIIAN) that later it has been crossed in the first generation with an exceptional individual of ruderalis genetics.

Cotton Candy Kush (1G Premium Distillate)


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