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sativa dominant cannabis strain from Jinxproof Genetics 


This girl is on fire! A plant that’s an absolute stunner, you’ll be blown away. She’s the type of lady who has you wandering in bliss until you meet again for the next toke session. A strong puff of this bud will take you straight to la-la land so perfect if you’re the type preparing for take-off, or the veteran who needs to be wooed again, but careful to you new kids out there. This bud will wreck your day in the best way.

Imagine a deep roast mocha with a peppermint straw, and when you thought it was all sweet, you will get a shot of gasoline to start a fire to send your rockets into space. As for your head afterwards, you may end up enjoying a peaceful day off or walking in circles aimlessly. Definitely is best to save this one for a day off with no chores. Bring even just a gram to spark up that bonfire at a beach party!
An absolute gem and a treat, you’ll be floored by the crystal coverage from bud all the way to the leaf tip. She is after all, the belle of the ball, so envision sparkles like diamond dust. We guarantee fun no matter what seed you grow, but if you want the real winners, find the ones that look like her momma. Whoever comes to your garden party will be a delight, growing fast and sturdy girth throughout the entire plant. While it might not be the one towering above the rest. -


*** Have to buy 3 or any increment of 3 like 6, 15, or 24 to use the 8.33 (1/3) / 3 for $25 price to get our deal ***

Its Frye

PriceFrom $8.33

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