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If you are fans of our famous Salami Leg then you will love it parent romberry.


Romberry was created through crossing 2 legendary strains Romulan + Blueberry , Romulan is a legendary strain from Canada and is a medicinal favourite. Over 30 years old, and very well known for its overwhelming narcotic and everlasting high. with lots of crystal covered dense buds with a strong pine smell. Highly recommended medicinal strain. Crossed with a very tasty Blueberry for its rich fruity taste softness and aroma. Now you have a Blueberry with a great punch that will put you on your ass from the Romulan side, and will satisfy any one who's been disappointed with the mildness of a Blueberry high.


Genetics: indica 80% sativa 20% Columbian, Korean.


Romberry (Freedom of Seeds) :: Cannabis Strain Info (

Romberry Flower

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