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Joey Dunican

I worked in the cannabis industry selling since I was 17 years old, making connections and money at a young age. Eventually wanting to further my knowledge in numbers and business, I earned a degree in business at SNHU. Afterwards, I worked for a corporate company selling large machinery until I broke out and started a dispensary and was selling again... Legally. After 3.5 years of selling with a partner, I split off and came up with Joey Nugz, which is a nickname I've had since I was in highschool. The biggest challenge in my career has been the oversaturated market in Maine, but with great marketing and branding it’s helped to keep the company thriving. Seeing what my work does and how it helps each customer is the reason for why I show up and work every day. All customers are welcomed with open arms to come and vibe, talk, and feel the energy and love that weed and conversation bring. Come for the weed stay for the vibe! That's the Joey Nugz way!

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