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Image by David Gabrić


"High quality flower + wax, great location"

"Great place, great product, great service"

"Best quality product I've had in awhile"

NUGLINE: 207-558-2432

live the high life


friendly people

(and dogs!)"



Great atmosphere, service was awesome, super friendly people (and dogs!) and for sure, affordable (way better prices than your typical dispensary), quality product. We each got a free pre roll & some Joey Nugz brand stickers as first time customers, which was really nice. We'll definitely be going back soon!

Elizabeth - March 2023

"Never been treated better

at a dispensary!"


My girlfriend and I decided to make the hour long drive to a dispensary we found on Weedmaps soon to be the new go to place. The bud tender was on point new everything about every strain in the building asked me what Affects I was looking for and if I wanted a more hard hitting strain or more of a clear headed strain. After telling him more what I was Looking for he showed me a couple he recommended I ended up choosing wonka bars and night terror Og which had exactly affects I wanted. I am excited to return and try many more strains.

Logan - March 2023

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