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Queen of the South was made when Relentless hit his famous Trop Cherry with his # 1 Stunna male. There are a variety of phenos to pick from, but most are colorful. There are some green phenos that really smell amazing, those are usually from the Rozay side and have a berry fruit rollup type terp. There are really colorful orange funky rotten smelling phenos as well as colorful fruit rollup smelling phenos. Almost all phenos are done flowering in less than 9wks. Testers saw average to above average yields, pheno dependent. They seem to love all forms of training and I'd say they are abt average growth speed and stretch is less than double. Queen of the South has been made by hitting trop cherry with #1 stunna, #1 stunna f2. Queen of the south stud was recently used to hit a slew of ladies, and one day the queen will be reversed.

Queen of the South (

Queen of South Flower

PriceFrom $40.00

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