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Live Resin 5/10 Thread Cartz


Created with the 'Plushers' Clone of *Gushers* and Lumpy's Flowers Own Award Winning Breeders Clone of *Apple Fritter*

Apple Fritter Was the Reversed Female using the best Fem methods of practice pollenated into Gushers Plushers Clone.

Squirt has truly made its way on the shelfs and labeled for its notorious 'medical ailments' that help appetite , fatigue , stomach issues , headaches , depression , anxiety and more as patients report its there go to for the bigger day relief needs as well as after work , school or programs this helps them medically overall more then others . The phenotypes grow medium-tall plants that mostly produce long spear like formations to the flower development to the tops and the flower is dense thick and shows a great combination of both Apple Fritter and Gushers structure as they form thick Dense mountain peak flower formations at the tip tops . The dark purples and black out look come late into flowering throughout the entire plant itself as it really gives an exotic Jurassic palm tree look to the fan leaf's/water leaf's and the frost/trichome production is abundantly present with a snow cap or sugar dip look to the buds as they shine brightly showing its hash potential . The profiles vary from very Loud pungent Thick odors of Sour Petrol Fuel that has savory notes of Candy Berry Gelato & a bite of roasted coffee beans tones , to profiles like Sweet Candy Creamy with Sour Gas Notes , to some that are very berries with light cream and loud loud Gasoline bites on the exhale . Easier to grow but requires a lot of cleaning up on the lowers as the bud sites are very abundant and it promotes bigger better tops on most Squirt phenotypes.

Squirt (Live Resin- 5/10 Thread Cart)


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